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20 November 2016


This lighthouse is on the Eastern point of False Bay near Cape Town and was built in 1958.

We could not get close to the lighthouse due to a locked gate and being a very windy and cold day we decided not to walk the estimated 400 metres to it. This picture was taken from the boat launching slip on Maasbaai.

A baboon (extreme right below) was very curious, but nonchalantly kept his distance when we approached.

Anyone visiting this area should take the trouble to visit the nearby Stoney Point nature reserve. This is one of only two continent based Jackass Penguin breeding colonies in the World. It is occasionally ravaged by a leopard coming down from the mountainside.

This area was also a whaling station in years gone by and the remains of a whaler can be seen in what was the harbour.
Moving into the reserve one can observe more penguins, other sea birds and white horses! The latter behind the man made structure confirms the wind mentioned earlier.

The background to this structure is explained. I guess we can’t count this as one of the 45 we hope to visit.

Parents and babies confirm that this area is a breeding sanctuary.