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16 June 2016


It was with considerable relief that we left the corrugated sand road through the Southern end of Namaqua National Park and approached Hondeklipbaai on a much better road. For safety, we immediately took our “proof” photograph.
With time in hand we explored the town and located the actual rock after which the town is named. It is a rock type referred to as gneiss (pronounced “nice”). My view that this is a “dropstone” i.e., carried from afar by glacial ice millions of years ago and dropped when the ice melted.

In earlier years the town was an export harbour for copper ore mined inland. Today, the town survives on crayfishing and tourism. That is the wreck of the Jahleel in the background.

We overnighted in the Hondhokkies. Just as well we did our photography the day before because ……………, but this was just forefront.

Drafted  : 14 June 2016