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07 June 2016


With the fog closing in we left Shelley Point Estate and turned right on the road leading to Golden Mile and Cape St Martin. Travelling for 4.1km from this T junction one arrives at Cape St Martin Private Nature Reserve. Driving right through, one arrives at the abalone factory and a dead end. Here the two gates are daunting. 

One can step over the picket fence alongside the right hand gate. After proceeding along the sand road for 500m the LH loomed out of the fog, faintly at first and then more clearly as we neared. This experience was quite eerie with the only sound being that of waves breaking in the distance. Without directions from a helpful local, it is unlikely that we would have located this LH.

One loses one’s sense of direction in the fog, but it appeared that the daymark (triangle) is facing in the direction of Britannia Bay.

The walk back along the high water marked “crackled” as one walks on thousands of black mussel shells. Then the drive back to Paternoster with a sense of satisfaction having visited 3 LH’s on our first day.

Drafted :  1 June 2016.