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21 May 2016


The first adventure was successfully completed at the Port Nolloth lighthouse (pictured) on 13 May 2016.

The itinerary covered 4 days of lighthouse locating and viewing and 2 of travel.                                                                                         Day 2 : Cape Columbine, Stompneusbaai and St 
                        Martins (Shelley Point).                                                   Day 3 : Doringbaai.                                                                     Day 4 : Groenriviermond and Hondeklipbaai.                              Day 5 : Port Nolloth.  
More detailed posts will follow for each, but here are some preliminary comments.
·              The lighthouse personnel are very friendly and helpful.
·              The winter months are not the right time to undertake this particular trip due to fog, mist and rain which hinder lighthouse location and photography.
·             There are some non-lighthouse points of interest to view en-route.
·             The northerly roads were badly corrugated.

Thank you John, for an interesting trip.

Drafted 15 May 2016