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18 December 2006

Ystervarkpunt Lighthouse

Ystervarkpunt Lighthouse is situated within Rein's Nature Reserve, located halfway between the coastal towns of Gouritsmond and Stilbaai in the Southern Cape. The reserve is accessible to the public, but you cannot enter the Lighthouse's premises (although you can easily drive up to its gates). When I visited the site in 2003, they were finished with the construction of the new tower (right), but the light has not been moved yet. This photo was taken in April 2006 - the light has been transferred, same height as the original lattice tower. Best way to approach Rein's is from Gouritsmond: a road leading to the nature reserve can be found just to the north of the town. You will have to pay entrance fees at the gates - take cash with you. You can find a map of the area at the reception building in the reserve - the lighthouse is situated down a gravel road to the west a few km's behind the reception building. You can access the roads with a sedan, a 4x4 is not necessary. Probably one of the newest towers along the coast? Beautiful red and white stripes, a pleasure to the eye.